MSI n1996 motherboard specs

MSI n1996 motherboard specs

MSI n1996 motherboard with the manufacturer’s name of N1996 and HP/Compaq name of Argon is supplied by MSI. The system BIOS supplier is MSI and the form factor is uATX.

n1996 motherboard specifications

  • Processor Brand - Intel
  • Maximum approved processor – 2.53 GHz Intel Pentium 4
  • Processor Socket Type – mPGA478
  • Processor Family – Intel P4 or Celeron
  • Processor Front Side Bus Frequency – 400/533MHz
  • Chipset Name – 845E
  • Chipset “North Bridge” – 845E
  • revision/stepping - A1
  • Chipset “South Bridge” – ICH4
  • revision/stepping- A1
  • Super I/O – Winbond
  • revision/stepping - W83627HF-AW
  • Flash BIOS Device – 4MB Flash EEPROM
  • Memory Type – 2.5v. DDR
  • Memory Speed – PC2100/PC1600
  • Memory Sockets – 2 DIMM
  • Maximum Memory – 1GB
  • Graphics Supplier – Intel
  • Graphics Configuration – Up
  • Graphics Connector (AGP) – AGP 4x
  • TV-Out Device – No
  • Audio AC’97 – Down
  • AC’97 CODEC Device – Realtek ALC202A
  • Audio Jacks (legend below)
    M Microphone M,LI,LO,SO
    LI Line In
    LO Line out
    SO Speaker
  • Ethernet – 10/100 LAN Supplier Realtek RTL8101L
  • Ethernet Configuration – PCI Down
  • IDE UDMA Modes – ATA-66/100
  • Expansion Slots (AGP/PCI/Exten) – 3 PCI
  • USB Ports – 6
  • USB Front/Back Options – 2F+4B
  • Serial, Parallel, Floppy, PS2 Kbd and Mouse – 1S,1P,1F,PS2 K+M
  • Serial Port Front Chassis Option – No
  • Available Mfg Options – Graphics card (up, not on motherboard)/LAN on motherboard (Ethernet) P – PCMCIA slot/Audio down on motherboard/S3 power management support

msi n1996

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  1. Glyn says:

    I need your help I have a Medion Akoya MD 8833 PC and the motherboard capacitor leaked. I need another MSI N1996 motherboard, please can you tell me how much and where to get it (website). Also if I need to get a different make will it have 4 slots for my 3 GB of RAM and to connect up all the bits: internal WLAN, card reader. Please email me today, if able.
    I would really appreciate you help.
    Many thanks Glyn

    • Tuz says:

      You may want to know that ALL MSI motherboards have N1996 on them. It’s their C-tick no.

      • pattana says:

        เมนบอร์ดผมไวรัสฝังใน bios ต้องการ flash Bios ใหม่
        เลยต้องการ load Bios เพื่อ flash Bios ใหม่ครับ

    • robert benharbone says:

      you can replace the capacitor that is liking.
      i have replaced capacitors on many occasion.
      the hardest part is to get to the motherboard,
      it’s much better the having to replace the motherboard.
      good luck!

    • John Klamer says:


      I have a N1996 motherboard, I just do not understand that the sound does not work, maybe you could help me thus? did you “accidentally” a disc of this mainboard?

      greetings from: John Klamer

    • John Klamer says:


      I have a N1996 motherboard, I just do not understand that the sound does not work, maybe you could help me thus? did you “accidentally” a disc of this mainboard?

      greetings from: John Klamer

    • waaiz says:

      I have msi n1996 motherboard if you need you can call me 8410027185 saharanpur uttar pradesh

  2. GT says:


    I have the same motherboard N1996 MS-7222 and a memory stick that says 512MB DDR. And the other one is 256Mb. When I check in the bios is picks up 704mb but once in XP operating system it shows 196mb? any ideas to allow for full memory use?

    • Patrick says:

      I have just been given 4 MSI N1996 motherboards. Contact me via email if you want one or all.

    • Brandon says:

      It seems like your 512MB stick is bad. Try replacing it.
      The computer reserves some of the RAM, so the full 256MB is not utilized in the operating system. So you usually end up with 60 MB less than what you actually have. So if the 512 is bad, you’ll end up with around 196MB of usable memory.

  3. Andy says:

    This spec is incorrect

  4. n1996 user says:

    very incorrect specs >_<

  5. SIXTO B EVALDEZ says:

    May I know how install the wireless connection

  6. norm says:

    i have the n1996 moterboard and just installed 2 1gb sticks off ddr 400 and windows picks it up as 2 gb of ram haven’t check bios yet but the specs say max of 1 gb of ram pc2100 which = 266mhz also say it max Processor is 2.53 ghz igonna try a 2.8 ghz i’ll let u all know how it works as for finding the specs do a bing seach for n1996 moterboard when the results of the seach come the first one should have specs thats where i found them thanks

  7. Peter says:

    I’m looking for the n1996, any still out there?

  8. Jaco says:

    I need the MSI N1996 drivers. PLEASE help :(

  9. tommy says:

    no sound driver found after installing sound max no audio too. N 1996 AC’97 says down what is that to you.

  10. robert says:

    i need one of those motherboards

  11. J says:

    I have an MSI N1996 for sale I’ve been running XP with 512MB ram on in for a while. If interested email me at “”

  12. Ron says:

    I have a HP case that has a mother board with N1996 on it. I was going to rebuild it but bought a new machine. Stripped to bare bones and selling for $100.00 Plus shipping. Contact me at

  13. Ballenator says:

    Esta fotografía corresponde a la tarjeta madre (mainboard) 848PM(MS-7067) de Microstar. Los drivers se pueden bajar de aqui (dowload drivers here):

    Espero que les sirva, puesto que yo me reventé la cabeza buscando los driver (por N1996), hasta que hice scan con el programa z-cpu y encontré el modelo de mainboard correcto

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  16. Frank says:

    This motherboard N1996 is a piece of junk, does not even last 1 year before it blows. An excellent replacement is ASUS P5KPL-AM-EPU and it accepts the same CPU and DDR2 memory.

  17. shameer says:

    I have one MSI N1996 Motherboard, model ms 7211, i want drivers any one can, please help me, urgernt…

  18. Guy says:

    What’s the correct fan/heat sink size for this? 100mm?

  19. GONENG says:

    Aku nak repair motherbord jenis ni tapi tak tahu main hantam je’lah. Nak cakap Mat Salleh Aku x pandai. Jadi cakap Melayu je’lah. Ni’ ha, ada tak sesiapa yang pandai pasal kerosakan dia kat ne. Pasal bila Aku On’ je ada bunyi bib,bib,bib nasib dia x membebel je bunyinya. Jadi tolong2, tolonglah Aku untuk menanganninya, Aku MISKIN xde duit nak gi hantar Kedai. Kedai Cina kekadang caj ikut sedap hati dia je, cam boleh beli yang baru bila tambah 1 atau 2 ratus ringgit je. Sesiapa tolong2 bagi tips BOLEH. TIPS DUIT xde lah kira sedekah dunia Akirat dpt pahala.

  20. Wild nir says:

    Dear Patrick ,
    Do you sell n 1996 msi motherboard? I really need one shipped to Israel a dress or picked in Chicago USA ….
    Wildnir at gmail dot com

  21. daotuan18 says:

    thanks for every thing

  22. ericret says:

    got a msi n1996
    What is the max power supply you can upgrade to

  23. enrico says:

    hi i have a msi mother board but it dont want to show the picture on screen what should i do to get it right please let me know

  24. arrowhead1965 says:

    kalau dia bunyi macam gitu tiga kali masaalah nya memorynya ada terkehel sikit cuba cuba cabut memorynya dulu lepas tu pasang balik.

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  26. Jose says:

    I have an MSI N1996 for sale send me an email if interested.
    mail AT reyesonline DOT net

  27. TAra says:

    is this a AM2 socket type?

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  29. rinaldo says:

    gostaria do driver placa de video msi n1996 nao estou achando para baixar, muito obrigado

  30. Zacky says:

    I have the motherboard msi n1996, i required the vga driver but not wil found, please give me the vga driver, i very required the driver..!

  31. dyllan says:

    i cant play games with this motherboard

  32. ksibit says:

    hi i want to upgrade my ram will this :Komputerbay 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 667MHz PC2-5300 PC2-5400 DDR2 667 (240 PIN) DIMM Desktop Memory
    fit in to the motherboard

  33. amir tehrani says:

    I need manual motherboard MSI N1996 MS-7143 VER:1.0.please help me for achieve connections USB ports in my PC.

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