Toshiba Satellite C660 Laptop Specs

Toshiba Satellite C660 Laptop Specs

The new Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop is ideal for users looking for a machine with adequate computing performance to handle their everyday computing needs – e.g. e-mailing, web-browsing, standard office applications and basic multimedia entertainment – in a really affordable package. Toshiba also unveiled the new Satellite Pro C660 that is targeted at professional users. Both, the Satellite C660 and the Satellite Pro C660 will be available early in the fourth quarter of 2010 throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Toshiba C660 Full Specifications

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i3, Intel® Pentium, Intel® Celeron, AMD® Athlon™ II Dual Core, AMD® V series
  • Microsoft® Windows 7 Home Basic (32-bit) or Premium (64-bit) on Satellite C660, Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional on Satellite Pro C660
  • RAM: up to 8 GB DDR3 (1066 MHz)
  • 2.5″ HDD (5,400 rpm) up to 640 GB
  • 39.6cm (15,6”) TruBrite® LED HD display (16:9), 1,366 x 768 pixels, 200 cd/m2; Satellite Pro C660 also available with non-reflective display
  • GPU: latest integrated graphics
  • 2 x USB 2.0, Multi-Card Reader, Fast Ethernet
  • WLAN (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • 10-digit numeric keypad, Touch Pad with Multi-Touch Control
  • starting at 2.54 kg
  • Dimensions: 380.5 mm x 254 mm x 28.0 mm (front) / 35.6 mm (back)
  • DVD-Super Multi drive (Double Layer)
  • Toshiba Media Controller, Toshiba LifeSpace
  • VGA Web Camera with Face Recognition, microphone

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85 Responses to “Toshiba Satellite C660 Laptop Specs”

  1. Dr. EMAD says:

    \\i just buy C660 L14 and I want the Vaga Card memory to get its max ? how can I do that and what is the max?

  2. Egyin Samuel says:

    I need the VGA drivers for Toshiba satellite C660 laptop

  3. frank says:

    please i need to buy a c660 toshiba laptop

  4. tom says:

    can,t get the webcam to work or microphone to work its brand new?

    • LES says:

      check in devices and see if drivers are there, then click on the driver and update, if this fails download manycam and try and see if that works

  5. Pratush says:

    how to use wlan in Toshiba satellite C660

  6. Manoj kr Singh says:

    We are dealing in Laptop accessories and laptop repair. We need one Toshiba Satellite C660 model Laptop. Please help to get it on cheapest price. Thanks

    Manoj kr Singh
    Hi-Tech Infosolution
    4,3rd Floor, Hukum Singh Palace
    Atta, Sector-27, Noida-201301(UP) India
    Mob: +91 9212680747, 9818062257

  7. Alucina says:

    Como debo usar el Wifi??? como se hace?

  8. Alucina says:

    Se olvidaba….mi PC es Satellite C669/C66OD

  9. j’ai reinstallé, mon laptop toshiba satellite c660 g perdu ls drivers de la carte reseau, wifi

  10. comment faire pour trouvé les pilote la carte reseau et wifi

  11. hans says:

    Maybe It´s a bit of a weird question but does anybody knows if you can run minecraft on it?

    • Evora says:

      No. I just bought one and it arrived without updated GPU drivers, which you cannot install through Toshiba’s website. These are required to run Minecraft. I had to send mine back to Toshiba, who gave me a new one. All my files were lost. I don’t recommend this laptop for gaming for that reason. This also seems to be a fairly common problem, unfortunately.

  12. ankit khatua says:

    I have bought this laptop around 1 month back and i am unable to get all drivers.plz….guide me, you can reach me on my early response will appreciable.

  13. Ali Mohammad says:

    i want to buy toshiba c660 laptop but how mush is price with 4 gb ram

  14. Usama Karam says:

    Hi Guys,
    If Anyone Of You Need Any Driver Of Toshiba Satellite C660 Such That(Lan, Wifi, Graphics, Webcam, Bluetooth Or Any Other Driver), Then Contact Me……I Have All The Drivers Of The Toshiba Satellite C660…..Contact Me Via My Mail(

    • koranteng says:

      please, I need Bluetooth for my notebook because i formatted and cannot find it

    • yajz says:

      kindly please… because my wife will buy this one for me and as much as possible i need to have the drivers with me, in case that i want to change some of the applications installed.. atleast i have a backup driver for it. this is my email ( thanks.

  15. Ataur says:

    I need toshiba satellite c-600 windows xp drivers

  16. Hey anyone knows about the one with the celeron cpu what socket type does it fitted onto the motherboard. Just need to know if i could put an i5 what i have 430m or i have the tl60 2ghz dual core amd / i don`t think it supported by the motherboard but if anyone knows c660 not the pro version also the hdd sata or ata ? And the memory i have read about 4 gig is the max but so9me site say 8 gig is the max supported anyone knows for sure ? Cheer`s !!!

    • Rokas says:

      USE x64 bit “Operating system” idiot!
      For this stuff best is Windows 8.1 Pro x64.
      Drivers can update in “Device Manager”

  17. Angus Lamont says:

    Can this laptop play Blu-Ray? You see I have this laptop, but do not own any Blu-Ray movies, so I can’t tell.
    Help would be appreciated.


  18. Don says:

    Got new c660 satellite…Cannot see webcam only matt black plastic oblong cover?? Do I try and peel this off to see cam??

    • john says:

      hi hi don

      stop what your doing
      do not peel black strip off as there is no webcam in there i have been fighting with my catalouge for weeks telling them they have missold me a product

  19. Evora says:

    Cannot get hold of GPU drivers. Definitely wouldn’t recommend, as it comes with drivers which are 6 months out of date.

  20. Archie says:

    Does this laptop comes wi fi ready

  21. Archie says:

    do you have to buy an antenna

  22. vasu says:

    mine is toshiba satellite c660….for angry birds game it’s showing texture is too large 2048*2048 max supported size 1024*1024 mine is 1024*768 but not opening,for microsoft motocross madness trail game… it’s showing 3-D accelration hardware not detected…. pl resolve dis problem

  23. Chris says:

    I got this laptop back in July. It was a great laptop up until a few days ago. This particular laptop (the whole c660 series) has a huge system malfunction problem that wasn’t found when it was made. Myself and quite a few others from what i saw have had our laptops crash without anything being wrong period. Your laptop will crash on its own and give you an error page after the “Toshiba” start up screen. At the bottom of that error page it will state that “operating system not found”. This wasn’t just me that had this same exact problem. The only thing to do is replace the HDD completely to fix it. You reformat it, it will do it all over again. Be aware of this issue since i am warning you now. You can either do as i am and forget the laptop and buy a new one, or replace the original HDD. I saw tye other complaints online about this same issue from numerous people.

  24. tom says:

    can i get a extra monitor for this

  25. aemy says:

    hello, my touch pad is working but the two-finger scroll, pinch.. does not work i don’t know why!!

  26. rizwan says:

    hi to all need drivers for toshiba c660-26h,,please guide me ,,my email id is,thanks..

  27. SRP says:

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C660. There is a webcam but I do not know how do I activate it? Can anyone help?

  28. kwaku says:

    I formatted my toshiba satellite c660 and lost my bbluetooth drivers. I downloaded some but i cant send files but can receive.

  29. kwaku says:

    can i get recovery disc for c660

  30. henry says:

    can i upragde the graphics card on the c660 model?

    • tamas says:

      probably not , you can do tricks like i did by updating the CPu and Ram and get more intel utility softwares form the net , like i did , so i increased the gaming graf`s from 3.4 – 4. True i have intel gm45 express in it , and 4 gig of ram. It depends what hardware you have.

  31. yohannes says:

    i need to update my pc sysytem how can i do this?

    • tamas says:

      you need to go to their support page , and download the drivers manually or simply do it trough windows utility , or get uniblue power suite 2012 and have the driver scanner do it for you.

  32. katie says:

    I have a c660-217, but by hdmi to dvi cable doesn’t fit anywhere? what do I do? please?

  33. mostafa says:

    I want to but toshipa satellite c 660 with 4 g memory core i 5 and vga nvidia ge force 315 up to i g but the question pes 2012 football runs perfectly on that device??? or needs more graphics i need your comment on this device necessary

  34. Raheem says:

    Does the toshiba c660 have a graphics card or am I supposed to buy one?

  35. tamas says:

    Hi,everyone good news. Today i finally could update my BIOS from 1.40 – 1.70. Also i ordered my second upgrade CPU and RAM to my little laptop.My version was the cheapest the 18c came with the 2.3GHZ cleeron 64bit one cored. Right on the first date i have upgraded the 1gig ram to 4 gig and the CPU as well to T7100 1.8Ghz. So this time i got the T9400 Cpu and 8Gb of ddr3 1333Mhz ram. Right after all the updates and upgrades , the gaming performance in windows base score from 3.4 went to 4.0 :) )) no hacking or anything. Oh and my dvd rom has been replaced to my SONY made one:))) Don`t stuck with stock , build for swap.

  36. epicbacon says:

    does anyone know if this computer reads cd-rw?

    • tamas says:

      I`m sure it does , by the way i have changed the original Dvd-rom in it to a sony made one. My ram currently is 8GB and the cpu is the t7100 instead of being use the 925 celeron.

  37. luke oliver says:

    Hello, I would like to know if one of these would fit into my Toshiba C660-2DX?

    16GB DDR3 PC8500 2x 8GB PC3-8500 1066MHz Laptop SODIMM MEMORY RAM 16 GB (2x8GB).

    It would help so much.

  38. shopan says:

    Toshiba Satellite C660-a041vdieo conouler(vga)cometsbalWindowsXP- 7/ vista Drivers
    i save new laftob

    • shopan says:

      shopan says: October 5, 2012 at 7:09 pm Toshiba Satellite C660-a041vdieo conouler(vga)cometsbalWindowsXP- 7/ vista Drivers
      i save new laftob i need Drivers

  39. Sorcha says:

    Hey guys was just wonder. Bluetooth isnt showing up on my control panel. Ive the Toshiba Satellite C660 – 100. Please help as i would love to get my bluetooth headphones working on it. Thanks

  40. Bhoomi says:

    i want do download all toshoba laptop drivers for series satellite c660…pls can u help me???

  41. Sondra Bridge says:

    im looking ofr a book on angry birds is this any good?

  42. Steven says:

    I got a Toshiba Satellite c660-217 I just want to know if it can play Blu-Ray discs

  43. kazy says:

    does toshiba has firewire port

  44. Δωρα Ευστρατιαδου says:

    Ηθελα να ρωτησω αν το laptop που εχω το c660/c660d εχει ενσωματωμενο bluetooth.

  45. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    i need to replace the battery of toshiba satellite C660, it is 3years old laptop

  46. says:

    Hi everybody.
    i need graphic card for c660-20h model!!:(
    i cant found it!:((
    plz help me…

  47. zahid says:

    if any body havee a toshiba c660 satellite bluetooth driver then plz plz mail me…

  48. abhilash says:

    i have toshiba c660 before my graphics was 756mb but now its showing 356mb iam tensed what i should do for 756mb graphics plz help me ( or

  49. ZEESHAN JUTT says:


  50. kata says:

    Care stie dc imi merg in reluare jocurile pe toshiba satelite C660 :( plz

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